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PDS 01 Random Regular Graph and Generalized De Bruijn Graph with k -Shortest Path Routing
CSPDM23013 Context-Aware and Click Session-Based Graph Pattern Mining With Recommendations for Smart EMS Through AI
CSPDM23020 Time-Weighted Cumulative LSTM Method Using Log Data for Predicting Credit Card Customer Turnover
CSPDM23026 KTI-RNN: Recognition of Heart Failure from Clinical Notes
CSPDM23033 An overview of data integration in neuroscience with focus on Alzheimer’s Disease
CSPDM23035 Human Activity Recognition Based on Deep-Temporal Learning Using Convolution Neural Networks Features and Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit With Features Selection
CSPDM23036 Characterization of Synthetic Health Data Using Rule-Based Artificial Intelligence Models
CSPDM23037 A Hierarchical Intrusion Detection Model Combining Multiple Deep Learning Models With Attention Mechanism
CSPDM23040 Analysis-Based Optimization of Temporal Dynamic Convolutional Neural Network for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
CSPDM23041 An Improved Tropospheric Tomographic Model Based on Artificial Neural Network
CSPDM23045 Community Detection Algorithms in Healthcare Applications: A Systematic Review
CSPDM23046 Satellite Image Classification Using a Hybrid Manta Ray Foraging Optimization Neural Network
CSPDM23047 Reversible data hiding in encrypted images with secret sharing and hybrid coding
CSPDM23050 Entropy-Aware Similarity for Balanced Clustering: A Case Study With Melanoma Detection
CSPDM23051 SDOT: Secure Hash, Semantic Keyword Extraction, and Dynamic Operator Pattern-Based Three-Tier Forensic Classification Framework
CSPDM23052 Human Pose Estimation Using Thermal Images
CSPDM23053 DeepRetention: A Deep Learning Approach for Intron Retention Detection
CSPDM23054 RF-PSSM: A Combination of Rotation Forest Algorithm and Position-Specific Scoring Matrix for Improved Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions Between Hepatitis C Virus and Human
CSPDM23055 An Improved Lightweight Yolo-Fastest V2 for Engineering Vehicle Recognition Fusing Location Enhancement and Adaptive Label Assignment
CSPDM23056 RadioPathomics: Multimodal Learning in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer for Adaptive Radiotherapy
CSPDM23057 An Ensemble Learning Based Intrusion Detection Model for Industrial IoT Security
CSPDM23074 Enhancement Economic System Based-Graph Neural Network in Stock Classification
CSPDM23076 Recommendation System Based on Deep Sentiment Analysis and Matrix Factorization
CSPDM23079 Static-Dynamic Temporal Networks for Parkinson’s Disease Detection and Severity Prediction
CSPBD23003 Traffic Processing Model of Big Data Base Station Based on Hybrid Improved CNN Algorithm and K-Centroids Clustering Algorithm
CSPBD23004 Deep Learning of Sparse Patterns in Medical IoT for Efficient Big Data Harnessing
CSPBD23009 A High-Quality Rice Leaf Disease Image Data Augmentation Method Based on a Dual GAN
CSPBD23012 Big Data ML-Based Fake News Detection Using Distributed Learning
CSPBD23013 Real-Time Analytics: Concepts, Architectures, and ML/AI Considerations
CSPBD23018 DeepMist: Toward Deep Learning Assisted Mist Computing Framework for Managing Healthcare Big Data
CSPIM23001 Deep Transfer Learning Strategy to Diagnose Eye-Related Conditions and Diseases: An Approach Based on Low-Quality Fundus Image
CSPIM23006 Automated Image Annotation With Novel Features Based on Deep ResNet50-SLT
CSPIM23008 Detection of Apple Plant Diseases Using Leaf Images Through Convolutional Neural Network
CSPIM23009 FaceIDP: Face Identification Differential Privacy via Dictionary Learning Neural Networks
CSPIM23010 CT Lung Nodule Segmentation: A Comparative Study of Data Preprocessing and Deep Learning Models
CSPIM23011 When Age-Invariant Face Recognition Meets Face Age Synthesis: A Multi-Task Learning Framework and a New Benchmark
CSPIM23012 Modality Specific CBAM-VGGNet Model for the Classification of Breast Histopathology Images via Transfer Learning
CSPIM23014 Semantic Segmentation of Fish and Underwater Environments Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Learned Active Contours
CSPIM23015 Pansharpening Based on Adaptive High-Frequency Fusion and Injection Coefficients Optimization
CSPIM23016 Deep Regression Network With Sequential Constraint for Wearable ECG Characteristic Point Location
CSPIM23017 Artificial Intelligence and Biosensors in Healthcare and Its Clinical Relevance: A Review
CSPIM23018 Ship Detection Based on Faster R-CNN Using Range-Compressed Airborne Radar Data
CSPIM23019 Deep Convolutional Network Based Machine Intelligence Model for Satellite Cloud Image Classification
CSPIM23022 TransU2-Net: A Hybrid Transformer Architecture for Image Splicing Forgery Detection
CSPIM23023 An Innovative Approach to Electrical Motor Geometry Generation Using Machine Learning and Image Processing Techniques
CSPIM23024 KTFEv2: Multimodal Facial Emotion Database and Its Analysis
CSPIM23025 An Improved Dense CNN Architecture for Deepfake Image Detection
CSPIM23026 Vision Transformers for Vein Biometric Recognition
CSPIM23027 A Lightweight Attention-Based Convolutional Neural Networks for Fresh-Cut Flower Classification
CSPIM23030 YOLOv5-Based Model Integrating Separable Convolutions for Detection of Wheat Head Images
CSPIM23031 Pixel-Level Face Image Quality Assessment for Explainable Face Recognition
CSPIM23032 A Survey on Synthetic Biometrics: Fingerprint, Face, Iris and Vascular Patterns
CSPIM23033 DAMNet: Dual Attention Mechanism Deep Neural Network for Underwater Biological Image Classification
CSPIM23034 Learning From Multiple Expert Annotators for Enhancing Anomaly Detection in Medical Image Analysis
CSPIM23035 EBAT: Enhanced Bidirectional and Autoregressive Transformers for Removing Hairs in Hairy Dermoscopic Images
CSPIM23036 Deep Learning-Based Image Registration in Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT Imaging
CSPIM23037 Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Agricultural Sector: A Systematic Literature Review
CSPIM23038 Automated Molecular Subtyping of Breast Carcinoma Using Deep Learning Technique
CSPIM23040 Compressive Wavelet Domain Deep CNN for Image Classification Using Genetic Algorithm Based Sensing Mask Learning
CSPIM23041 Reversible Data Hiding Method for Interpolated Images Based on Modulo Operation and Prediction-Error Expansion
CSPIM23042 Toward Deep-Learning-Based Methods in Image Forgery Detection: A Survey
CSPIM23044 Malaria Disease Cell Classification With Highlighting Small Infected Regions
CSPIM23045 Enhanced Text-to-Image Synthesis With Self-Supervision
CSPIM23046 Secure Medical Image Communication Using Fragile Data Hiding Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and A5 Lattice Vector Quantization
CSPIM23047 Deep Learning in Cervical Cancer Diagnosis: Architecture, Opportunities, and Open Research Challenges
CSPIM23048 Deep Learning-Based Multiscale Pyramid Sieve and Analysis Module in Image Segmentation
CSPIM23049 A Novel Image Cryptosystem Inspired by the Generation of Biological Protein Sequences
CSPIM23050 A Deep Learning-Based Experiment on Forest Wildfire Detection in Machine Vision Course
CSPIM23055 Deep Cleaner—A Few Shot Image Dataset Cleaner Using Supervised Contrastive Learning
CSPIM23056 A High-Quality Rice Leaf Disease Image Data Augmentation Method Based on a Dual GAN
CSPIM23057 Hyperspectral Image Classification: An Analysis Employing CNN, LSTM, Transformer, and Attention Mechanism
CSPIM23058 Assessing the Ability of Generative Adversarial Networks to Learn Canonical Medical Image Statistics
CSPIM23059 FieldPlant: A Dataset of Field Plant Images for Plant Disease Detection and Classification With Deep Learning
CSPIM23060 Classification of Liver Fibrosis From Heterogeneous Ultrasound Image
CSPIM23061 Multiscale Adaptive Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
CSPIM23067 Modified Salp Swarm Algorithm With Deep Learning Based Gastrointestinal Tract Disease Classification on Endoscopic Images
CSPIM23068 Improving Image Compression With Adjacent Attention and Refinement Block
CSPIM23069 Building Detection From Panchromatic and Multispectral Images With Dual-StreamAsymmetric Fusion Networks
CSPIM23070 Noise-Against Skeleton Extraction Framework and Application on Hand Gesture Recognition
CSPIM23071 An Underwater Target Wake Detection in Multi-Source Images Based on Improved YOLOv5
CSPIM23072 Spatial Context-Aware Object-Attentional Network for Multi-Label Image Classification
CSPIM23073 An Integrated Image Encryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve
CSPIM23074 Class-Adaptive Data Augmentation for Image Classification
CSPIM23075 Low-Light Image Enhancement Using a Simple Network Structure
CSPIM23076 Multi-Level Residual Feature Fusion Network for Thoracic Disease Classification in Chest X-Ray Images
CSPIM23077 Image Generation and Recognition Technology Based on Attention Residual GAN
CSPIM23078 Detecting COVID-19 From Lung Computed Tomography Images: A Swarm Optimized Artificial Neural Network Approach
CSPIM23079 A Deep Ensemble Learning-Based CNN Architecture for Multiclass Retinal Fluid Segmentation in OCT Images
CSPIM23080 AlzheimerNet: An Effective Deep Learning Based Proposition for Alzheimer’s Disease Stages Classification From Functional Brain Changes in Magnetic Resonance Images
CSPIM23081 Application of X-Ray Imaging and Convolutional Neural Networks in the Prediction of Tomato Seed Viability
CSPIM23082 Text-Guided Image Manipulation via Generative Adversarial Network With Referring Image Segmentation-Based Guidance
CSPIM23083 A Comprehensive Review of Deep Learning-Based Real-World Image Restoration
CSPIM23084 Framework for Illumination Estimation and Segmentation in Multi-Illuminant Scenes
CSPIM23085 An SIFT-Based Fast Image Alignment Algorithm for High-Resolution Image
CSPIM23086 Urinary Stones Segmentation in Abdominal X-Ray Images Using Cascaded U-Net Pipeline With Stone-Embedding Augmentation and Lesion-Size Reweighting Approach