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TripleTechSoft ERP Application Suite

Financial Management

Striking and decisive Finance Management Function helps you analyze and evaluate the business inferences and prompt decision making.

Supply Chain Management

TripleTechSoft ERP Software modules provide you a comprehensive view to streamline your Supply chain process throughout the system.

Planning & Manufacturing

Rely with our integrated and cost effective ERP for adapting market instability and triggering your brand value with enhanced work schedule management.

Cost Management

Delivering a cutting-edge, assures cost savings and overall profit, analytical module and comprehensive approach for cost accounting.

HR & Payroll

Streamline the core HR and Payroll functions for big business with our ERP suite which execute analytical reports, real-time strategic workforce

Customer Relationship

Register leads generated through multiple campaign programs; analyze qualify/disqualify the leads; and convert qualified leads into prospect.

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance supports with proven optimum maintenance strategy for the entire operational facilities to achieve process improvement.


R & D services assist you to achieve future potential products and revolutionize your vision into real time venture.

Project Management

Helps to meet the end to end pre-defined goals by tracking all the resources and monitor project development for overall operational excellence