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DEEE01 RFid Based Museum Guide for Tourists
DEEE02 RFid Based Highway Toll Tax Collection System
DEEE03 RFid based Attendance System
DEEE04 RFid based Security System
DEEE05 Remote Surveillance Vehicle
DEEE06 Master slave communication
DEEE07 Greenhouse Robot
DEEE08 Industrial Automation Using Cell phone
DEEE09 Person counter and Password detector
DEEE10 Person counter and Password detector
DEEE11 Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling
DEEE12 Home Security System
DEEE13 Monitor and Control of Greenhouse Environment
DEEE14 Rolling display using Matrix LEDs
DEEE15 Automatic car parking indicator using M0.icrocontroller
DEEE16 Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter
DEEE17 Level Computing and Storage Device
DEEE18 Microcontroller based Data Logger
DEEE19 Line follower Robot
DEEE20 Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station
DEEE21 Gas Turbine Compartment Temperature Controller
DEEE22 Automatic Railway Gate
DEEE23 Heart Rate Monitor
DEEE24 Line Follower Robot with Obstacle Detection
DEEE25 Data acquisition system using 8051
DEEE26 Microcontroller Based Health monitoring system.
DEEE27 Time Operated Electrical Appliance Controlling System
DEEE28 Temperature & Light Monitoring and Controlling(no synopsis)
DEEE29 Radio Frequency Identification System ( RFID
DEEE30 Public Garden Automation
DEEE31 Street lights that glow for 1/2km only on detecting vehicle movement
DEEE32 Synchronized traffic light signal system (can) to ease traffic congestion in metros
DEEE33 Automatic Dialing to any telephone using I2C protocol on detecting burglary
DEEE34 Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content
DEEE35 Using TV remote as a cordless mouse for the Computer
DEEE36 Dynamically changing signal light time allotment in street junctions based on traffic density
DEEE37 Auto power supply control from 4 different sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to ensure no break power
DEEE38 RFID guided automatic parking permission for vehicles in cellar at commercial complexes
DEEE39 Closed loop feedback operated motor speed control
DEEE40 Line following robotic Vehicle using microcontroller interface
DEEE41 RFID based device control & authentication
DEEE42 Low Cost Zigbee Based Load Controller
DEEE43 RF controlled by hand held unit, laser beam managed bomb-diffusing robot
DEEE44 Automatic Wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients
DEEE45 Underground Cable Fault Distance Conveyed over GSM
DEEE46 Remote monitoring of transformer / generator health over internet
DEEE47 Ultrafast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker Using PIC Microcontroller
DEEE48 The Temperature Humidity Monitoring System of Soil Using PIC Microcontroller
DEEE49 RF based DC Motor Speed Control
DEEE50 Arduino based Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan Speed Regulator
DEEE51 Solar Energy Measurement System Conveyed over RF using a PIC microcontroller
DEEE52 Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Interface
DEEE53 GSM based Electricity Energy Meter Billing with Onsite Display
DEEE54 Wireless power transfer by High frequency resonating coils
DEEE55 PC Mouse operated Electrical Load Control Using Software Application Solar
DEEE56 Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off in Daytime
DEEE57 Solar Water Pump Control with Four Different Time Slots for Power Saving Applications
DEEE58 Farmer Friendly Solar Based Electric Fence for Deterring Cattles
DEEE59 Cell Phone Controlled Home Appliance Switching by PIC microcontroller
DEEE60 Embedded Password Based Access Control System using I2C Protocol
DEEE61 Single Phase Induction Motor Speed Control
DEEE62 Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control for Robotic Applications
DEEE63 Electric Line Man Safety with Password Based Circuit Breaker
DEEE64 Mains Supply Sensed Over Voltage Under Voltage Trip Switch
DEEE65 APFC (Automatic Power Factor Compensation) for Industrial Power Use to Minimize Penalty
DEEE66 Entry Exit Counter cum Electrical Load Management
DEEE67 Remote Operation Of Dish Antenna Positioning
DEEE68 Power Saving LED Light Replacing Conventional Lamps
DEEE69 Automatic Star Delta Starter using Relays and Adjustable Electronic Timer for Induction Motor
DEEE70 DTMF based Load Control System
DEEE71 Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Buck
DEEE72 Light Load Efficiency Improvement For Buck Voltage Regulator For Wind Mill
DEEE73 Automatic Active Phase Selector For Single Phase Load From Three Phase Supply
DEEE74 Design and construction of Earth Fault relay for single-phase system
DEEE75 Transformer Oil Temperature Monitoring With Automatic Circuit Breaker Operation
DEEE76 Theft Intimation of the Vehicle over GSM by SMS with User Programmable Number to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine Remotely
DEEE77 Electric Line Man Safety With Password Based Circuit Breaker
DEEE78 Coin Based Mobile Charger
DEEE79 Inverter with Battery low and over load indicator
DEEE80 Automatic power failure indication system to EB sub station for domestic and commercial use
DEEE81 Automatic Street Light Controller With RTC
DEEE82 Development Of A Power Transmission Line on Monitoring System
DEEE83 Laser Based Object Counter With Preset Stop Machine
DEEE84 Mobile Phone Operated Robot
DEEE85 Bank Locker Security System By Using GSM
DEEE86 House Industry Power Failure Remote Auto Announcement To Eb Station
DEEE87 Automatic Head Light Intensity Control For Vehicles To Avoid Accidents
DEEE88 Controlling AC lamp Dimmer through Mobile Phone
DEEE89 Industrial/power grid electrical parameter Data Acquisition system through wireless technology
DEEE90 Voice Interactive System For Schools/Colleges
DEEE91 Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System
DEEE92 Smart Solar Plant Power Monitoring Using PIC Microcontroller
DEEE93 Automatic Industrial Motor Safety Controller
DEEE94 Microcontroller based Parking Availability Indication System
DEEE95 The Efficient LPG Gas Saving and Leakage Detection System Based On Microcontroller
DEEE96 Driver Fatigue Detection and Warning System Using Eye Blink and Alcohol Sensor
DEEE97 Timer Based Electrical Oven Temperature Monitoring and Control For Metal Industries
DEEE98 Detecting Leaks in Underground Water Pipelines
DEEE99 Drunk and Drive Protection System for Two Wheelers
DEEE100 Development of a Model for Electronic Check Post
DEEE101 Smart Digital Door Lock for the Home Automation
DEEE102 Automatic Home Security Monitoring and Alert System
DEEE103 Design of Auto-Guard System Based Network
DEEE104 Chocolate wending mechanism
DEEE105 An Effective Pedestrian Detection Method for Driver Assistance System
DEEE106 On The Impact of Virtual Traffic Lights on Carbon Emissions Mitigation
DEEE107 Motor Direction And Speed Control Using RF
DEEE108 Combined capacitive and ultrasonic distance measurement for automotive applications
DEEE109 Driver fatigue monitoring and warning system
DEEE110 Automatic Railway Gate Control With Voice Announcement
DEEE111 Solar Operated Spray Pump
DEEE112 Temperature based fan speed control
DEEE113 Automatic railway tracking system
DEEE114 Automatic earthquake identification with voice announcement
DEEE115 Electronic vehicle identification in the intelligent traffic city
DEEE116 Automated Agriculture parameter monitoring system
DEEE117 Vehicle Anti-collision Using IR Signals at Roads
DEEE118 Automated Highway Speed Checker for Vehicles
DEEE119 Water scheduling for municipalities using RTC
DEEE120 Microcontroller Based Token Display with voice for bank and hospitals
DEEE121 Water scheduling for municipalities using RTC
DEEE122 Microcontroller Based Token Display with voice for bank and hospitals
DEEE123 Patient monitoring using GSM and Zigbee for hospitals and old age homes
DEEE124 Wheelchair control using voice signals for disabled patients
DEEE125 Ultrasonic based walking stick for the blind
DEEE126 Automatic vehicle security system using alcohol sensor
DEEE127 Fingerprint identification based automatic teller machine
DEEE128 Automatic medicine announcement system
DEEE129 Intelligent Patient monitoring system at Hospitals
DEEE130 Personal Identification and Verification Based on Multiple Biometric Features
DEEE131 Heart Beat Monitor for Neonatal Care Unit
DEEE132 Respiration Monitor at Emergency Wards
DEEE133 Fluorescent Detector to Measure Blood Glucose Level
DEEE134 Fever Monitoring system for ICU Patients
DEEE135 BMI measuring system using Global System for Mobiles
DEEE136 Body fat Abnormality Detecting System
DEEE137 RF Based Tele cardiology System For Remote Healthcare Service Delivery
DEEE138 Design Of Wireless Sensor System For Neonatal Monitoring
DEEE139 Intelligent Blood Collecting Apparatus Using Microcontroller
DEEE140 Secure Remote Patient Monitoring System
DEEE141 Drug Management: How to Provide Drug on Assigned Time
DEEE142 Versatility Technique For Patients
DEEE143 Drug Distribution Without Aid Of The Humans
DEEE144 Healthy And Safe Home Based On Wireless Sensor System For Elderly People
DEEE145 Bluetooth Based Home Patient Surveillance System
DEEE146 Intelligent Blood Collection System Using RFID
DEEE147 Microcontroller based blood pressure monitoring system
DEEE148 Temperature and pulse rate monitoring system
DEEE149 Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring And Intimation
DEEE150 A Design of ECG acquisition and transmission via Bluetooth with heartdisease diagnosis
DEEE151 RFID based medical equipment’s location finding & maintenance
DEEE152 Respiration rate monitoring system for Patients
DEEE153 Design and implementation of Programmable Apnea monitoring System
DEEE154 Tongue Pressure Sensing System for Epilepsy Patient
DEEE155 Heart Beat Monitor And Recorder System
DEEE156 GSM based Human Health Monitoring and alert system
DEEE157 A Real-Time Conductor Sag Measurement System
DEEE158 GPS Tracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles
DEEE159 Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller using Microcontroller
DEEE160 Smart Energy Meter Monitoring using GSM Communication
DEEE161 Intelligent Car Monitoring System and Intimating Through GSM
DEEE162 Anti Collision System in Railway & Location Monitoring using GSM and GPS – Intelligent Train System with GPS
DEEE163 GSM based door opening system using password
DEEE164 GSM based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
DEEE165 GSM based Message Moving Display for Vehicles
DEEE166 SMS based vehicle Ignition controlling system
DEEE167 Intelligent Citizen Card Enhanced with Security System
DEEE168 Automatic Home Security Monitoring And Alert System
DEEE169 An Innovative Technique for Mobile Communications Systems with Auto Braking System
DEEE170 Boarding School Students Monitoring Using RFID
DEEE171 Auto SMS sending while in driving for vehicles
DEEE172 Design Of Auto-Guard System Based On RFID And Network
DEEE173 Smart Parking Reservation System Using Short Message Service
DEEE174 Vehicle Accident Intimation And Location Finder Using GSM And GPS
DEEE175 GSM And GPS Based Vehicle Tracking And Locating System
DEEE176 Design and Development Of A GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control
DEEE177 ATM Stealing Protection and Intimation Using GSM
DEEE178 Intelligent Home Security and Management System through GSM
DEEE179 GSM & GPS based Vehicle Tracking System
DEEE180 GPS Based Border Alert System for Fisherman
DEEE181 GSM based Car Battery monitoring for Timely Recharging
DEEE182 GSM based Irrigation Control System
DEEE183 Voting machine through GSM Communication
DEEE184 Intelligent Home Monitoring and Intruder Detection System Using Wireless Technology
DEEE185 Wireless Communication Based Spy Robot
DEEE186 Home Automation System Based On Wireless and Internet
DEEE187 Hospital Management Using RF Technology
DEEE188 Train Control In Emergency Situations Using RF
DEEE189 Efficient Time Saving Billing System In Shopping Malls Using Microcontroller
DEEE190 Zigbee Based Medicine Service System
DEEE191 Speed Intimation Using Zigbee Communication for Buses
DEEE192 RF Based Signal Alert System and Path Planning for The Blind Bus Arrival System Using RF
DEEE193 Building Lighting Automation through the Integration Of Dali With Wireless Sensor Networks
DEEE194 A Wireless Surveillance and Safety System for Mine Workers Based On Zigbee
DEEE195 A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On GPRS and Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network
DEEE196 More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on Zigbee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls
DEEE197 Traffic Information Service Based On RF
DEEE198 Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On RF
DEEE199 Digital control for home lighting systems with Wireless communication
DEEE200 A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless Sensor Network and GSM Technology
DEEE201 Avoiding vehicle parking in no parking area using RF
DEEE202 Smart zone based Vehicle speed control system based on RF Communication
DEEE203 Microcontroller Based Railways Accident Avoiding System
DEEE204 Border security system using RF Communication
DEEE205 Automatic bus arrival system using RF Communication
DEEE206 Radio Frequency based Real time Child monitoring and alarm system
DEEE207 Wireless motor speed control using RF Communication
DEEE208 RFID Based attendance management with door access control
DEEE209 Traffic clearance for VIP's vehicles with RF Communication
DEEE210 Traffic Priority for Ambulance using RF Communication
DEEE211 Development of Zigbee based street light control system using i2c protocol based RTC
DEEE212 Remote Power ON/OFF control for Home Electric Outlets UsingZigbee communication
DEEE213 Zigbee Device Control and Reliable Data Transmission in Zigbee Based Health Monitoring System
DEEE214 Safety System for Mine Workers based on Zigbee
DEEE215 Cloud Controlled Intrusion Detection
DEEE216 Forest fire Monitoring System bases on Zigbee
DEEE217 A wireless monitoring System for Precise Agriculture
DEEE218 A wireless Zigbee based System for Monitoring and Alarming System
DEEE219 Water quality Management System using Zigbee
DEEE220 Remote meter System Using Zigbee Based wireless technology
DEEE221 Optical Device Indicating a Safe Free Path to Blind People
DEEE222 Railway Gate Control Using 8051 Microcontroller
DEEE223 Touch Screen Based Medicine Service System
DEEE224 Conveyer Control System using 8051 microcontroller
DEEE225 Car Monitoring System Using Bluetooth Security System
DEEE226 Intelligent Energy Saving Architecture System
DEEE227 Target Detection and Classification using Seismic and PIR Sensors
DEEE228 RTC Based Automatic Gate Opening System
DEEE229 RFID based Animal Location Tracking and Identification System
DEEE230 Voice based Elevator Movement and Display
DEEE231 Embedded Microcontroller based Weighing Analyzer using Load Cell
DEEE232 Microcontroller to Microcontroller Communication with LCD
DEEE233 Motion Operated Scrolling Display using MEMS Accelerometer
DEEE234 Solar Energy Measurement System
DEEE235 Embedded based coin operated water wending machine
DEEE236 Embedded based digital rpm indicator(Hall effect sensor)
DEEE237 Embedded temperature based fan speed control system
DEEE238 Embedded token display system with voice message
DEEE239 Microcontroller based moving message display
DEEE240 Digital Calendar(4X20 LCD)
DEEE241 Vehicle tracking system through SMS
DEEE242 ATM terminal design is based on fingerprint recognition
DEEE243 Solar based smart charger for mobile
DEEE244 RTC based automatic water supply
DEEE245 Multilevel Access control system using RFID
DEEE246 Microcontroller based automatic electronic bus fare system
DEEE247 RFID based vehicle license plate registration and monitoring system
DEEE248 Over speed and drunk and drive indicator
DEEE249 Traffic Rules Monitor at Traffic Signals
DEEE250 Automatic code changing mechanism for Locker Security
DEEE251 LDR based Power Saver for Street Light Control System
DEEE252 RFID based Identification for electronic passport