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ME001 Flapping bird uav (model)
ME002 Design and fabrication of ball milling machine
ME003 Design of a drone for seed dropping (quad copter)
ME004 Aqua maxfine (without battery)
ME005 Metal declandaring machine
ME006 Fabrication of air powered wheel chair
ME007 Fabrication of Medical dispenser
ME008 Design and fabrication of Exo-Skelton
ME009 Swivel seat for physically disabled people
ME010 Mechanical dual can crusher
ME011 Fly wheel based water pump
ME012 Polymer abrasive mixing chamber
ME013 Exo support for legs
ME014 Aqua plant removing machine
ME015 Calendar machine (roller)
ME016 Fabrication of multiple wear testing machine
ME017 Stroke therapy chair
ME018 Unpowered exoskeleton boot
ME019 Fabrication of easy lift stairs
ME020 Tilt & roll bed
ME021 Portable packing machine
ME022 Palm plate making machine
ME023 Two stage mechanical oscillator (water pendulum)
ME024 Manufacturing of cutting & sealing unit of automatic sanitary napkin making machine
ME025 Water waste separator using belt conveyor
ME026 Fabrication of Indexing jig for milling fixture
ME027 Design & Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
ME028 Double acting hack saw machine using scotch yoke mechanism
ME029 Multipurpose keyway attachments in lathe
ME030 Fabrication of Bore well child rescuing machine
ME031 Remote controlled floor cleaning machine
ME032 Optimization of process parameters in wire cut
ME033 Automatic Fault egg sorting machine
ME034 Fabrication of Paper recycling machine
ME035 Fabrication of gear tooth grinding machine
ME036 Fabrication of Coconut Scraping Machine
ME037 Groundnut harvester with thresher
ME038 Pneumatic Multi Axis Modern Truck
ME039 Automatic oil mill mechanism
ME040 Pneumatic double axis excavator arm
ME041 Tapping attachment in drilling machine
ME042 Automatic sheet metal feeding and cutting machine
ME043 Design of Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine
ME044 Fabrication of Automatic shoe polisher
ME045 Double drum wet grinder
ME046 Pneumatic road marking machine
ME047 Fabrication of Power producing pendulum kit
ME048 Coconut dehusking machine
ME049 Eccentric punching machine
ME050 Fabrication of chip crushing machine
ME051 Eccentric shear cutting machine
ME052 Fully Automated Hydraulic crane
ME053 Fabrication of Pepper thresher machine
ME054 Fabrication of Stretch wrapping machine
ME055 Fabrication of chocolate punching machine
ME056 Rim type pedal operated water pumping system
ME057 Automatic Dosa making machine
ME058 Pendulum based water pumping system
ME059 Automatic Quick tool retrieval system for industry
ME060 Fabrication of shot blasting machine
ME061 Fabrication of Engraving machine
ME062 Accident preventing system in cutting Machine
ME063 Automated paper cup Feeding and making machine
ME064 Fabrication of Mechanical Seed crushing machine
ME065 Design and Fabrication of Semi-Automatic Road Reflector Stud Installation Machine
ME066 Fabrication of Torsion (spring) testing machine
ME067 Fabrication of Pedal Washing Machine
ME068 Experimental study of control parameter in pulsed spray hot steel plate
ME069 Auto indexing gear cutting attachment for pneumatic shaping Machine
ME070 Fabrication of Double axis Eccentric mobile crane
ME071 Chain hooks separator & pressing machine
ME072 Fabrication of Pneumatic garage door opener
ME073 Fabrication of Abrasive Jet Machine
ME074 Semi automatic weed remover in sugarcane farm
ME075 Fabrication of Ferro fluid power generation
ME076 Motorized radial sheet bending machine
ME077 Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe
ME078 Experimental setup on Gasifier
ME079 Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine
ME080 Low cost harvesting machine for agriculture
ME081 Fabrication of low cost sugarcane harvester
ME082 Pedal powered reverse osmosis water purification system
ME083 Fabrication of Pin on disc type Tribometer
ME084 Pedal operated vertical hack saw machine
ME085 Automatic Colour code sensing punching machine
ME086 Fabrication of water soaked sole cleaning system
ME087 Pneumatic double side cutting time reduction in shaper
ME088 Fabrication of welding slag cleaning machine
ME089 Automatic open well cleaning machine
ME090 Fabrication of Mechanical seed thruster
ME091 Design & fabrication of spring punching machine
ME092 Fabrication of pneumatic pellet press
ME093 Fabrication of mini vertical Lathe
ME094 Semi automated wall plastering machine
ME095 Fabrication of Centrifugal Pump apparatus
ME096 Fabrication of Hoisting and winch drum
ME097 Design and fabrication of hand operated fertilizer blender
ME098 Fabrication of Motorized Multi-Engine Compressor
ME099 High speed Portable Pipe Cutting machine
ME100 Intelligent trolley for domestic cylinder
ME101 Pedal operated drilling machine
ME102 Sickle bar push mower
ME103 Activated carbon scrubber
ME104 Pedal operated wet grinder with Cell phone charger
ME105 Fabrication of Swirl gripper
ME106 Pipe inspection robot with wireless camera
ME107 Fabrication of hand operated edge folding machine
ME108 Ginger cutting, feeding and drying Machine
ME109 T-Shirt folding machine
ME110 Motorized triangular air compressor
ME111 Fabrication of biomass briquetting machine
ME112 ME098 Design & fabrication of manual operated liquid pump
ME113 Fabrication of sewage water treatment plant
ME114 Fabrication of Intelligent ingot feeder
ME115 Wireless joystick operated machine tool for lathe
ME116 Automatic buffing machine
ME117 Fabrication of Rubber tree tapping machine
ME118 Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
ME119 Fabrication of Waste oil burning system
ME120 A Positive Pressure Universal Gripper Based on the jamming of granule
ME121 Fabrication of plastic crushing and moulding machine
ME122 Fabrication of banana Fiber Extracting Machine
ME123 Fabrication of Coin Separator Machine
ME124 Pedal operated hydro pneumatic vice
ME125 Automatic gear milling machine using proximity sensor
ME126 Pneumatic double side cutter by using width work Mechanism
ME127 Mini rice harvesting and threshing machine
ME128 Salt water converted to purified drinking water by using pedal power
ME129 Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing Machine
ME130 Fabrication of Inspection Conveyor
ME131 Three way motion for tool in ECM machine
ME132 Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine
ME133 Motorized Multipurpose Excavator
ME134 Spring End Grinding Machine
ME135 Automatic paper cutting using Geneva mechanism
ME136 Fabrication of ground driller
ME137 Fabrication of Sheet metal Rolling Machine
ME138 Fitness equipment for localized electric power generation
ME139 Fabrication of Quad processing machine
ME140 Intelligent Motorized Wall Painting Crane
ME141 Fabrication of potato chips making machine
ME142 Fabrication of Three Axis Electrical crane
ME143 Universal Multi Axis tool grinding machine
ME144 Hydraulic operated sheet bend/bend removing machine
ME145 Automatic PVC pipe feeding and cutting machine
ME146 Special purpose machine for threading operation
ME147 Book reading aid for handicapped People
ME148 Fabrication of Multi-axis drilling machine
ME149 Fabrication of Coir Making Machine
ME150 D & Fabrication of Portable Slotting Machine
ME151 Three axis hydraulic modern trailer
ME152 Pneumatic tool grinding machine
ME153 Fabrication of score stove
ME154 Automatic seeding machine
ME155 Remote controlled motorized zip crane
ME156 Multiple roller handling pneumatic manipulator
ME157 Pedal operated wet grinder with Cell phone charger
ME158 Pneumatic Machining Time Reduction in Shaping machine
ME159 D & f Pneumatic brick handling machine
ME160 Extraction of fuel from waste plastics using catalyst cracking & pyrolysis
ME161 Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer
ME162 Fabrication of switch board Cutter
ME163 Semi Automated Areca Nut Collecting conveyor
ME164 Fabrication of ball milling machine
ME165 Fabrication of Rotary Kaller
ME166 Fabrication of Vacuum assisted wall climber
ME167 Design and fabrication of unimill for lathe
ME168 Fabrication of tool cutting force dynamo meter on lathe
ME169 Button Operated Multi-speed gear box
ME170 Fabrication of Pneumatic belt Conveyor
ME171 Motorized High speed four way hack saw Machine
ME172 Fabrication of groundnut thruster
ME173 Metal polishing machine by using Abrasive
ME174 Fabrication of Electronic Hack Saw Machine
ME175 Automatic agarbatti incense stick counting and packing Machine
ME176 Assistive limb for physically challenged people
ME177 Semi automatic transfer machine in conventional industries
ME178 Automatic boring mechanism for foundries
ME179 Multipurpose sheet metal cutting and bending machine
ME180 Auto roll punching machine using Geneva mechanism
ME181 Gear type Injection Moulding Machine
ME182 Mobile automatic rubber tapping system
ME183 Square holes drilling machine
ME184 Fuel processing Technology to reduce emission
ME185 Two stage mechanical amplifier
ME186 Deflection of beam apparatus
ME187 Fabrication of Crane operated camera
ME188 Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
ME189 Automatic rubber processing machine
ME190 Fabrication of Pneumatic bell crank press
ME191 Dual type grinding machine
ME192 Fabrication of Groundnut shelling machine
ME193 Automatic paint spraying pick and place Equipment
ME194 Fabrication of Foldable pram cum cradle
ME195 Fabrication of Cake decorating machine
ME196 Magnetic power transmission for machine
ME197 Low cost automated hot stamping machine
ME198 Design & Fabrication of cotton baling machine
ME199 Fabrication of bucket wheel escalator
ME200 Fabrication of Seismic valve
ME201 Magnetic repulsive engine
ME202 Fabrication of Axial piston pump
ME203 Conveyor for quality control Machine
ME204 Vacuum conveyor for industrial Application
ME205 Fabrication of Motorized forging machine
ME206 Fabrication of mechanical spider (waking robot)
ME207 Automatic multi point grease gun
ME208 Fabrication of Mini milling machine
ME209 Fabrication of Hydraulic boring machine
ME210 CNC Multipurpose milling machine
ME211 Automatic pneumatic Gear Changer
ME212 Coconut tree climbing and cutting machine material
ME213 Automatic work piece counting with belt conveyer
ME214 Pneumatic Paper cup making Machine
ME215 Fabrication of Beans Sheller machine
ME216 Fabrication of Pedal operated air compressor
ME217 Automatic Drilling and Tapping machine
ME218 Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
ME219 Automatic Dish Washing Machine
ME220 Fabrication of Multipurpose seed shower
ME221 Electro-mechanical ladder
ME222 Fabrication of Low cost sugarcane / rice harvester
ME223 Fabrication of hydraulic machine vice
ME224 Hydraulic Flat cutting machine
ME225 Fully Automated potato Chip Slice making machine
ME226 Pedal operated hack saw and grinding machine
ME227 Fabrication of Split type electrical brush cutter
ME228 Furnace using infrared Lamp
ME229 Microwave irradiation pyrolysis of rice straw in ionic liquid
ME230 Mechanical can crusher with automatic feeding mechanism
ME231 Pneumatic multi Axis Welding Machine
ME232 Automatic transformer heat reduction system
ME233 Design & fabrication of shoe sole cleaning with polishing machine
ME234 Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
ME235 Design and fabrication of human air bag
ME236 Design & fabrication of leaf spring fatigue testing machine
ME237 Fabrication of Air umbrella
ME238 Fabrication of Briquette burner
ME239 Dual side water pumping system by using scotch yoke mechanism
ME240 Fabrication of Duplex milling machine
ME241 Fully automated chapatti making machine
ME242 Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
ME243 Automatic thread cutting machine by using cam mechanism
ME244 Fabrication of Multi-process Cutter
ME245 Design And Fabrication Of Progressive Conveyor
ME246 Fabrication of eccentric pipe cutting machine
ME247 Vacuum bag Moulding Machine
ME248 Optimization of process parameters in spark EDM
ME249 Electro chemical drilling machine
ME250 Design and fabrication of bar bending machine
ME251 Dual ram shaper to reducing lead time increasing material removal rate
ME252 Multi tool operating machine
ME253 Fabrication of Loading and unloading crane for ship
ME254 Detection of cavitations in venturi injector using strain gauges
ME255 Automatic Water level Sensing Crane
ME256 Automated Pneumatic Drilling Machine
ME257 Hydraulic clamping device with power pack
ME258 Design and fabrication of a low cost surface finishing machine
ME259 Fabrication of friction Welding Machine
ME260 Fabrication of Hydraulic sensing cutting machine
ME261 Horizontal and vertical tiles cleaner
ME262 Punching machine using whit worth mechanism