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MN001 Design & fabrication of green gym
MN002 Fabrication of V-Trough solar water heater
MN003 Design & fabrication of Dual rotor wind turbine
MN004 Electric scooter powered by wind & Piezo electric power and solar
MN005 Generation of electricity from cycling exercise (250w generator)
MN006 Development of a New high tech walking electric bike using solar power
MN007 Air borne wind mill energy system
MN008 Fabrication of vertical dual rotor wind turbine
MN009 Energy harvesting using back pack
MN010 Floating turbine with power generation
MN011 Solar Water Purification by using thermal method
MN012 Swing electricity generation system
MN013 Fabrication and performance test of a model solar refrigeration system
MN014 Solar operated automatic seed sowing Machine
MN015 Solar Peltier air cooler cum heater
MN016 Electrical power generation from wind energy, solar energy and rain water
MN017 Fabrication of Basin type solar still multiple floating porous absorbers
MN018 Development of A Soft Robotic Arm Gripper Using A Micro Pump
MN019 Non Conventional Method of Water Pumping Using Vertical Wind Turbine
MN020 Fabrication of Fuel cell bike
MN021 Nanofluids based Solar desalination using flashing technique
MN022 Wind and Solar Hybrid system for home
MN023 Hybrid vehicle with regenerative breaking in motor cycle
MN024 Fabrication of Pedal operated drilling machine
MN025 Fabrication of Solar Car
MN026 Solar enhanced energy efficient food processor
MN027 Solar powered automatic temperature controller with cooling system
MN028 Solar air heater by using Solar still
MN029 Fabrication of Mobile charging from shoe
MN030 Fabrication of paddling washing machine
MN031 Dual Axis automatic Solar panel Tracking System
MN032 Fabrication of Solar room warmer
MN033 Fabrication of Thermal storage unit using PCM
MN034 Fabrication of darrieus rotor wind turbine
MN035 Fabrication of Diffuser Type wind mill
MN036 Fitness equipment for localized electric power generation
MN037 Electric scooter powered by wind & piezoelectric power
MN038 Design and fabrication of manually track parabolic solar disc for in-house cooking
MN039 Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine
MN040 Solar operated portable vacuum cleaner
MN041 Fabrication of Double reflection solar still
MN042 Experimental study and testing of Solar flat plate collector with concrete and adjustable glass cover
MN043 Fabrication of Automatic Solar Board Cleaner
MN044 Agricultural Paddy Cleaning System by using Solar Power
MN045 Fabrication of Waste oil burning system
MN046 Experimental setup and Application of Nanofluids in solar water heater
MN047 Solar Wheel Chair for physically Disabled generator on unroofed parked vehicle
MN048 Fabrication of Non conventional Air compressor
MN049 Solar water purification combined with FPC and ETC
MN050 Intelligent solar-powered automobile ventilation system
MN051 Design & fabrication of Portable steam generator with iron box
MN052 Solar powered automatic Fire Fighting Robot
MN053 Low pressure solar water heater with auto tracking
MN054 Fabrication of Osmotic power plant
MN055 Electrical power generation system by using Gasifier
MN056 Fabrication of Solar fertilizer Sprayer
MN057 Electrical Power Generation using Thermal Power Plant
MN058 Fabrication of Foot Step Power Generation
MN059 Solar cabinet drier integrated with biomass
MN060 Solar Automated Traffic and Street Light Controller
MN061 Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle
MN062 Pollution free Miniature incinerator
MN063 Fabrication of Pedal operated grinding machine
MN064 Solar still coupled with air conditioner
MN065 Fabrication of Highway wind turbine
MN066 Fabrication of Solar E-cycle
MN067 Solar railway track crack detecting vehicle
MN068 Electrical Power Generation using Speed Breaker
MN069 Pedal operated wet grinder with Cell phone charger
MN070 Reflecting mirror type solar steam generator
MN071 Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar water heater
MN072 Cell phone controlled Solar Vehicle
MN073 Fabrication of water tunnel
MN074 Solar Seed Dryer with Auto tracking
MN075 Solar dryer with multiple PCM
MN076 Energy-harvesting shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifier
MN077 Fabrication of Solar water fountain
MN078 Electricity and Water Pumping System using Wind Mill
MN079 Solar based advanced vehicle movement system using windmill
MN080 Solar Electric GoPed Drive
MN081 Fabrication of Solar Electric Gear bike
MN082 Solar Automatic step climber
MN083 Electrical Power Generation system using Railway track
MN084 Parametric study on the thermal performance of the solar air heater with energy storage
MN085 Electrical energy can be produced by using vibration
MN086 Remote controlled Solar oil skimmer Robot
MN087 Fabrication of Solar sterling engine (Model)
MN088 Fabrication of Energy produced from running vehicle
MN089 Solar still integrated with settling tank for effluent treatment
MN090 Experimental analysis of solar powered ventilation coupled with thermo electric
MN091 Generative braking system using pneumatic interface
MN092 Solar Automated Track Guided Vehicle (Solar ATGV)
MN093 Fabrication of Solar Fan with Lighting System
MN094 Pedal cranking mechanism for paddy wheat threshing Machine
MN095 Fabrication of Piezoelectric Powered Cycle
MN096 Solar Powered Visitor Guided with Material Handling Vehicle
MN097 Fabrication of solar irrigation System
MN098 Development of Solar Automated Guided Vehicle (Solar AGV)
MN099 VIVACE (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) a new concept in generation of clean and renewable energy from fluid flow
MN100 Fabrication of Incinerator cum generator
MN101 Fabrication of Tilting three wheeler with a hybrid system
MN102 Development of basin solar still by adding magnetic treatment unit and double glass cover provided with water
MN103 Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System With Auto tracking
MN104 Fabrication of Power producing pendulum kit
MN105 Design and Fabrication of Bladeless Turbine With Propeller
MN106 Fabrication of Solar wood cutter
MN107 Effect of Nanofluids in a modified vacuum single basin solar still
MN108 Power generation from organic waste of college canteen
MN109 Solar Automobile air conditioner
MN110 Fabrication of Solar Air Dryer
MN111 Solar powered Auto charging grinding machine
MN112 Fabrication of Steam engine (flame gulping engine)
MN113 Fabrication of Solar Seeds Sprayer
MN114 Fabrication of Solar oven
MN115 Design & fabrication of compressed air generated using speed breaker
MN116 Automated Rain Operated Wiper using solar energy
MN117 Fabrication of Solar car lift jack
MN118 Fabrication of Pedal operated air compressor
MN119 Fabrication of tunnel type solar still
MN120 Fabrication of Buggy with solar hybrid vehicle
MN121 Solar automatic head-lamp alignment system with dim/bright controller
MN122 Fabrication of Solar Automatic Stair climbing wheel chair
MN123 Fabrication of Solar Automobile Fridge
MN124 Solar absorption air conditioner
MN125 Electrical Power Generation using steam Power Plant
MN126 Horizontal Turbine Type Domestic Wind Mill
MN127 Remote controlled solar powered handicapped tilting wheel chair
MN128 Fabrication of Solar Seed Dryer
MN129 Design and performance of a vacuum single basin solar still
MN130 Experimental analysis of solar water heater using porous medium and agitator
MN131 Advanced Solar Water Heater with Electricity Generation
MN132 Performance evaluation of solar air collector with transpired absorber and cover
MN133 Fabrication of Battery Cycle
MN134 Application of evaporation air cooler coupled with solar water heater for dehumidification of indoor air
MN135 Solar aided portable vacuum desalination plant
MN136 Development of Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
MN137 Fabrication of Gravity based power generation
MN138 Indirect type solar dryer integrated with solar air heater
MN139 Automatic board cleaner using solar energy
MN140 Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Car
MN141 Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator
MN142 Bio-diesel extraction from waste plastic material
MN143 PV panel cooling using stack effect
MN144 Solar grass cutter with automatic tracking
MN145 Solar Kettle (or) Solar Parabolic Collector
MN146 Solar Water Heater with parabolic collector
MN147 Design a& fabrication of Diffuser Type Hybrid wind turbine
MN148 Experimental study on single basin solar still augmented with biomass water heater
MN149 Coin Based Solar Mobile Phone Charger
MN150 AI based solar vehicle and coin based electronic bus conductor
MN151 SMS controlled solar vehicle
MN152 Pyroelectric energy harvesting from solar and wind energy
MN153 Fabrication of Solar Multi-Purpose (Agro/Seed) Sprayer
MN154 Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) cycle
MN155 Fabrication of Solar Train
MN156 Fabrication of Bicycle wind turbine
MN157 Pedal Operated Solar cell phone charger
MN158 Water Turbine Power generation System
MN159 Design and fabrication of helical type vertical axis wind turbine
MN160 Fabrication of Solar race car
MN161 Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler
MN162 Performance analysis of single and dual slope solar still with biomass and jute separately
MN163 Energy conversion from Roadways using kinetic motion
MN164 Solar water service station for two wheeler
MN165 Solar plus Compressor Heat Desalinator Water Still
MN166 Fabrication of Double Effecting Solar Cooker
MN167 Non-Conventional Door based power generation System
MN168 Generation of electricity from ocean waves using rack and pinion mechanism
MN169 Solar still with and without external magnetic treatment
MN170 Solar trough collector with auto tracking
MN171 Fabrication of Hydro Power plant
MN172 Fabrication of Solar peltier air conditioner
MN173 Conversation of sea water into drinking water using solar panel
MN174 Solar powered vapour absorption Refrigerator
MN175 Salt water converted to purified drinking water by using revolving gate
MN176 Fabrication of solar UPS
MN177 Automatic wind blade pitch controlling system
MN178 Solar Air Cooler cum Heater with Auto Tracking