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IP 01 A Benchmark Dataset and Saliency-Guided Stacked Autoencoders for Video-Based Salient Object Detection
IP 02 A Comparative Study of Algorithms for Realtime Panoramic Video Blending
IP 03 A Deep Spatial Contextual Long-Term Recurrent Convolutional Network for Saliency Detection
IP 04 A Fast Gradient Method for Nonnegative Sparse Regression with Self-Dictionary
IP 05 A Gaussian Mixture Model Representation of Endmember Variability in Hyperspectral Unmixing
IP 06 Adaptive Residual Networks for High-Quality Image Restoration
IP 07 An Analytic Gabor Feedforward Network for Single-Sample and Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
IP 08 An Embarrassingly Simple Approach to Visual Domain Adaptation
IP 09 Anisotropic-Scale Junction Detection and Matching for Indoor Images
IP 10 Auto BD Automated Bi-Level Description for Scalable Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
IP 11 Color Balance and Fusion for Underwater Image Enhancement
IP 12 Consensus Regularized Multi-View Outlier Detection
IP 13 Content-Adaptive Super pixel Segmentation
IP 14 Co-Saliency Detection for RGBD Images Based on Multi-Constraint Feature Matching and Cross Label Propagation
IP 15 Differential Evolutionary Super Pixel Segmentation
IP 16 Duplex Metric Learning for Image Set Classification
IP 17 Dynamic Video Stitching via Shakiness Removing
IP 18 Edge Preserving and Multi-Scale Contextual Neural Network for Salient Object Detection
IP 19 External Prior Guided Internal Prior Learning for Real-World Noisy Image Denoising
IP 20 Fundamental Principles on Learning New Features for Effective Dense Matching
IP 21 Generalization of the Dark Channel Prior for Single Image Restoration
IP 22 Good Features to Correlate for Visual Tracking
IP 23 Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Hashing for Image Retrieval with Hierarchical Convolutional Features
IP 24 Human Motion Segmentation via Robust Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering
IP 25 Implicit Block Diagonal Low-Rank Representation
IP 26 Iterative Graph Seeking for Object Tracking
IP 27 Latent Constrained Correlation Filter
IP 28 Learning a Deep Single Image Contrast Enhancer from Multi-Exposure Images
IP 29 Manifold-Based Visual Object Counting
IP 30 Matching Contactless and Contact-Based Conventional Fingerprint Images for Biometrics Identification
IP 31 Micro-Lens-Based Matching for Scene Recovery in Lenslet Cameras
IP 32 Motion Blur Kernel Estimation via Deep Learning
IP 33 Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
IP 34 Normalized Total Gradient A New Measure for Multispectral Image Registration
IP 35 Plenoptic Image Motion Deblurring
IP 36 Random Walks for Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Fusion in Framelet Domain
IP 37 Reversion Correction and Regularized Random Walk Ranking for Saliency Detection
IP 38 Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Edge Model and Multi-Matting
IP 39 Robust Single-Image Super-Resolution Based on Adaptive Edge-Preserving Smoothing Regularization
IP 40 Robust Visual Tracking Revisited from Correlation Filter to Template Matching
IP 41 Saliency Detection via Absorbing Markov Chain with Learnt Transition Probability
IP 42 Single Image Dehazing Using Color Ellipsoid Prior
IP 43 Single Image De-Hazing Using Globally Guided Image Filtering
IP 44 Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Wiener Filter in Similarity Domain
IP 45 Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition of a Hankel Structured Matrix for Impulse Noise Removal
IP 46 Structure-Revealing Low-Light Image Enhancement Via Robust Retinex Model
IP 47 Tensor Rank Preserving Discriminant Analysis for Facial Recognition
IP 48 Transportation Spherical Watermarking
IP 49 Unified Discriminative and Coherent Semi-Supervised Subspace Clustering
IP 50 Unsupervised Deep Hashing with Pseudo Labels for Scalable Image Retrieval
IP 51 Unsupervised Uncertainty Estimation Using Spatiotemporal Cues in Video Saliency Detection
IP 52 Video Salient Object Detection via Fully Convolutional Networks
CSPIM1 Deep Transfer Learning Strategy to Diagnose Eye-Related Conditions and Diseases: An Approach Based on Low-Quality Fundus Image
CSPIM2 Quality Assessment of Low-Light Restored Images: A Subjective Study and an Unsupervised Model
CSPIM3 Internet of Things and Deep Learning Enabled Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis Using Retinal Fundus Image
CSPIM4 Object Tracking in SWIR Imaging Based on Both Correlation and Robust Kalman Filters
CSPIM5 Data Augmentation Based on Generative Adversarial Networks for Endoscopic Image Classification
CSPIM6 Automated Image Annotation With Novel Features Based on Deep ResNet50-SLT
CSPIM7 A Comprehensive Study of Digital Image Steganographic Techniques
CSPIM8 Detection of Apple Plant Diseases Using Leaf Images Through Convolutional Neural Network
CSPIM9 FaceIDP: Face Identification Differential Privacy via Dictionary Learning Neural Networks
CSPIM10 CT Lung Nodule Segmentation: A Comparative Study of Data Preprocessing and Deep Learning Models
CSPIM11 When Age-Invariant Face Recognition Meets Face Age Synthesis: A Multi-Task Learning Framework and a New Benchmark
CSPIM12 Modality Specific CBAM-VGGNet Model for the Classification of Breast Histopathology Images via Transfer Learning
CSPIM13 Smart Traffic Monitoring Through Pyramid Pooling Vehicle Detection and Filter-Based Tracking on Aerial Images
CSPIM14 Semantic Segmentation of Fish and Underwater Environments Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Learned Active Contours
CSPIM15 Pansharpening Based on Adaptive High-Frequency Fusion and Injection Coefficients Optimization
CSPIM16 Deep Regression Network With Sequential Constraint for Wearable ECG Characteristic Point Location
CSPIM17 Artificial Intelligence and Biosensors in Healthcare and Its Clinical Relevance: A Review
CSPIM18 Ship Detection Based on Faster R-CNN Using Range-Compressed Airborne Radar Data
CSPIM19 Deep Convolutional Network Based Machine Intelligence Model for Satellite Cloud Image Classification
CSPIM20 Research on Histogram Equalization Algorithm Based on Optimized Adaptive Quadruple Segmentation and Cropping of Underwater Image(AQSCHE)
CSPIM21 An Efficient Method to Accurately Cluster Large Number of High Dimensional Facial Images
CSPIM22 TransU2-Net: A Hybrid Tra nsformer Architecture for Image Splicing Forgery Detection
CSPIM23 An Innovative Approach to Electrical Motor Geometry Generation Using Machine Learning and Image Processing Techniques
CSPIM24 KTFEv2: Multimodal Facial Emotion Database and Its Analysis
CSPIM25 An Improved Dense CNN Architecture for Deep fake Image Detection
CSPIM26 Vision Transformers for Vein Biometric Recognition
CSPIM27 A Lightweight Attention-Based Convolutional Neural Networks for Fresh-Cut Flower Classification
CSPIM28 Accuracy Evaluation and Prediction of Single-Image Camera Calibration
CSPIM29 MAMIQA: No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Multiscale Attention Mechanism With Natural Scene Statistics
CSPIM30 YOLOv5-Based Model Integrating Separable Convolutions for Detection of Wheat Head Images
CSPIM31 Pixel-Level Face Image Quality Assessment for Explainable Face Recognition
CSPIM32 A Survey on Synthetic Biometrics: Fingerprint, Face, Iris and Vascular Patterns
CSPIM33 DAMNet: Dual Attention Mechanism Deep Neural Network for Underwater Biological Image Classification
CSPIM34 Learning From Multiple Expert Annotators for Enhancing Anomaly Detection in Medical Image Analysis
CSPIM35 EBAT: Enhanced Bidirectional and Autoregressive Transformers for Removing Hairs in Hairy Dermoscopic Images
CSPIM36 Deep Learning-Based Image Registration in Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT Imaging
CSPIM37 Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Agricultural Sector: A Systematic Literature Review
CSPIM38 Automated Molecular Subtyping of Breast Carcinoma Using Deep Learning Technique
CSPIM39 Energy-Efficient Object Tracking Using Adaptive ROI Subsampling and Deep Reinforcement Learning
CSPIM40 Compressive Wavelet Domain Deep CNN for Image Classification Using Genetic Algorithm Based Sensing Mask Learning
CSPIM41 Reversible Data Hiding Method for Interpolated Images Based on Modulo Operation and Prediction-Error Expansion
CSPIM42 Toward Deep-Learning-Based Methods in Image Forgery Detection: A Survey
CSPIM43 Cutaneous Porphyrin Exhibits Anti-Stokes Fluorescence Emission Under Continuous Wave Laser Excitation
CSPIM44 Malaria Disease Cell Classification With Highlighting Small Infected Regions
CSPIM45 Enhanced Text-to-Image Synthesis With Self-Supervision
CSPIM46 Secure Medical Image Communication Using Fragile Data Hiding Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and A5 Lattice Vector Quantization
CSPIM47 Deep Learning in Cervical Cancer Diagnosis: Architecture, Opportunities, and Open Research Challenges
CSPIM48 Deep Learning-Based Multiscale Pyramid Sieve and Analysis Module in Image Segmentation
CSPIM49 A Novel Image Cryptosystem Inspired by the Generation of Biological Protein Sequences
CSPIM50 A Deep Learning-Based Experiment on Forest Wildfire Detection in Machine Vision Course
CSPIM51 Blockchain-Assisted Verifiable and Secure Remote Sensing Image Retrieval in Cloud Environment
CSPIM52 A Regional-Attentive Multi-Task Learning Framework for Breast Ultrasound Image Segmentation and Classification
CSPIM53 Non-Relaxation Deep Hashing Method for Fast Image Retrieval
CSPIM54 Exploring the Viability of Bypassing the Image Signal Processor for CNN-Based Object Detection in Autonomous Vehicles
CSPIM55 Deep Cleaner—A Few Shot Image Dataset Cleaner Using Supervised Contrastive Learning
CSPIM56 A High-Quality Rice Leaf Disease Image Data Augmentation Method Based on a Dual GAN
CSPIM57 Hyperspectral Image Classification: An Analysis Employing CNN, LSTM, Transformer, and Attention Mechanism
CSPIM58 Assessing the Ability of Generative Adversarial Networks to Learn Canonical Medical Image Statistics
CSPIM59 FieldPlant: A Dataset of Field Plant Images for Plant Disease Detection and Classification With Deep Learning
CSPIM60 Classification of Liver Fibrosis From Heterogeneous Ultrasound Image
CSPIM61 Multiscale Adaptive Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
CSPIM62 A Copyright-Preserving and Fair Image Trading Scheme Based on Blockchain
CSPIM63 Proportionally Fair Hospital Collaborations in Federated Learning of Histopathology Images
CSPIM64 DeepEIT: Deep Image Prior Enabled Electrical Impedance Tomography
CSPIM65 Enhanced Feature Model Based Hybrid Neural Network for Text Detection on Signboard, Billboard and News Tickers
CSPIM66 Underwater Image Enhancement based on Optimal Contrast and Attenuation Difference
CSPIM67 Modified Salp Swarm Algorithm With Deep Learning Based Gastrointestinal Tract Disease Classification on Endoscopic Images
CSPIM68 Improving Image Compression With Adjacent Attention and Refinement Block
CSPIM69 Building Detection From Panchromatic and Multispectral Images With Dual-Stream Asymmetric Fusion Networks
CSPIM70 Noise-Against Skeleton Extraction Framework and Application on Hand Gesture Recognition
CSPIM71 An Underwater Target Wake Detection in Multi-Source Images Based on Improved YOLOv5
CSPIM72 Spatial Context-Aware Object-Attentional Network for Multi-Label Image Classification
CSPIM73 An Integrated Image Encryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve
CSPIM74 Class-Adaptive Data Augmentation for Image Classification
CSPIM75 Low-Light Image Enhancement Using a Simple Network Structure
CSPIM76 Multi-Level Residual Feature Fusion Network for Thoracic Disease Classification in Chest X-Ray Images
CSPIM77 Image Generation and Recognition Technology Based on Attention Residual GAN
CSPIM78 Detecting COVID-19 From Lung Computed Tomography Images: A Swarm Optimized Artificial Neural Network Approach
CSPIM79 A Deep Ensemble Learning-Based CNN Architecture for Multiclass Retinal Fluid Segmentation in OCT Images
CSPIM80 AlzheimerNet: An Effective Deep Learning Based Proposition for Alzheimer’s Disease Stages Classification From Functional Brain Changes in Magnetic Resonance Images
CSPIM81 Application of X-Ray Imaging and Convolutional Neural Networks in the Prediction of Tomato Seed Viability
CSPIM82 Text-Guided Image Manipulation via Generative Adversarial Network With Referring Image Segmentation-Based Guidance
CSPIM83 A Comprehensive Review of Deep Learning-Based Real-World Image Restoration
CSPIM84 Framework for Illumination Estimation and Segmentation in Multi-Illuminant Scenes
CSPIM85 An SIFT-Based Fast Image Alignment Algorithm for High-Resolution Image
CSPIM86 Urinary Stones Segmentation in Abdominal X-Ray Images Using Cascaded U-Net Pipeline With Stone-Embedding Augmentation and Lesion-Size Reweighting Approach
CSPIM87 Bag-of-Features-Driven Spectral-Spatial Siamese Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification