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BD 01 Energy Efficiency Aware Task Assignment with DVFS in Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters
BD 02 Fair Resource Allocation for Data-Intensive Computing in the Cloud
BD 03 K NN-DP Handling Data Skewness in kNN Joins Using MapReduce
BD 04 MapReduce Scheduling for Deadline-Constrained Jobs in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Systems
BD 05 UniWalk Unidirectional Random Walk Based Scalable SimRank Computation over Large Graph
CSPBD23001 A Secure Big Data Storage Framework Based on Blockchain Consensus Mechanism With Flexible Finality
CSPBD23002 Efficacy of Bluetooth-Based Data Collection for Road Traffic Analysis and Visualization Using Big Data Analytics
CSPBD23003 Traffic Processing Model of Big Data Base Station Based on Hybrid Improved CNN Algorithm and K-Centroids Clustering Algorithm
CSPBD23004 Deep Learning of Sparse Patterns in Medical IoT for Efficient Big Data Harnessing
CSPBD23005 Uncertainty Based Optimal Sample Selection for Big Data
CSPBD23006 Offline and Real-Time Deadline-Aware Scheduling and Resource Allocation Algorithms Favoring Big Data Transmission Over Cognitive CRANs
CSPBD23007 A Personal Privacy Data Protection Scheme for Encryption and Revocation of High-Dimensional Attribute Domains
CSPBD23008 Accelerating Content-Defined Chunking for Data Deduplication Based on Speculative Jump
CSPBD23009 A High-Quality Rice Leaf Disease Image Data Augmentation Method Based on a Dual GAN
CSPBD23010 A Parallel High-Utility Itemset Mining Algorithm Based on Hadoop
CSPBD23011 Efficient Machine Learning on Edge Computing Through Data Compression Techniques
CSPBD23012 Big Data ML-Based Fake News Detection Using Distributed Learning
CSPBD23013 Real-Time Analytics: Concepts, Architectures, and ML/AI Considerations
CSPBD23014 Scalable Distributed Data Anonymization for Large Datasets
CSPBD23015 A Fully Streaming Big Data Framework for Cyber Security Based on Optimized Deep Learning Algorithm
CSPBD23016 Transformer-Based Feature Fusion Approach for Multimodal Visual Sentiment Recognition Using Tweets in the Wild
CSPBD23017 Data Analysis in Social Networks for Agribusiness: A Systematic Review
CSPBD23018 DeepMist: Toward Deep Learning Assisted Mist Computing Framework for Managing Healthcare Big Data