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IFS 01 A Zigzag-Decodable Ramp Secret Sharing Scheme
IFS 02 Accurate and Efficient Image Forgery Detection Using Lateral Chromatic Aberration
IFS 03 An Efficient MSB Prediction-Based Method for High-Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images
IFS 04 Dropping Activation Outputs with Localized First-Layer Deep Network for Enhancing User Privacy and Data Security
IFS 05 Efficient Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints
IFS 06 General Framework to Evaluate Unlinkability in Biometric Template Protection Systems
IFS 07 Information Divergence-Based Matching Strategy for Online Signature Verification
IFS 08 Label-Sensitive Deep Metric Learning for Facial Age Estimation
IFS 09 Misery Digraphs Delaying Intrusion Attacks in Obscure Clouds
IFS 10 Packet Injection Attack and Its Defense in Software-Defined Networks
IFS 11 Security-Aware Resource Allocation with Delay Constraint for NOMA-Based Cognitive Radio Network
IFS 12 Sky Shield A Sketch-Based Defense System Against Application Layer DDoS Attacks
IFS 13 Topology Preserving Structural Matching for Automatic Partial Face Recognition
IFS 14 Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping for Wireless Secrecy Against Non-Degraded Eavesdroppers
IFS 15 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Face Anti-Spoofing
IFS 16 Visual Secret Sharing Schemes Encrypting Multiple Images
CSPNS23001 An Enhanced AI-Based Network Intrusion Detection System Using Generative Adversarial Networks
CSPNS23002 Physical Assessment of an SDN-Based Security Framework for DDoS Attack Mitigation: Introducing the SDN-SlowRate-DDoS Dataset
CSPNS23003 Security and Privacy for Low Power IoT Devices on 5G and Beyond Networks: Challenges and Future Directions
CSPNS23004 Security Challenges of Selective Forwarding Attack and Design a Secure ECDH-Based Authentication Protocol to Improve RPL Security
CSPNS23005 An Effective Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-Assisted Security Protocol for Cloud-Based Digital Twin Environment
CSPNS23006 NIDS-CNNLSTM: Network Intrusion Detection Classification Model Based on Deep Learning
CSPNS23007 EN-LAKP: Lightweight Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Emerging Networks
CSPNS23008 How to Attack and Defend NextG Radio Access Network Slicing With Reinforcement Learning
CSPNS23009 Security-Aware Provenance for Transparency in IoT Data Propagation
CSPNS23010 A Novel Detection Approach of Unknown Cyber-Attacks for Intra-Vehicle Networks Using Recurrence Plots and Neural Networks
CSPNS23011 Political Security Threat Prediction Framework Using Hybrid Lexicon-Based Approach and Machine Learning Technique
CSPNS23012 Deep Learning Based RF Fingerprint Identification with Channel Effects Mitigation
CSPNS23013 A Solution Supporting Secure Transmission of Big Data MCAD: A Machine Learning Based Cyberattacks Detector in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for Healthcare Systems
CSPNS23014 Enhancing Network Slicing Architectures With Machine Learning, Security, Sustainability and Experimental Networks Integration
CSPNS23015 High-Rate Secret Key Generation Using Physical Layer Security and Physical Unclonable Functions SENECAN: Secure KEy DistributioN OvEr CAN Through Watermarking and Jamming
CSPNS23016 A Blockchain-Based Deep-Learning-Driven Architecture for Quality Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
CSPNS23017 Digital Twin for Safety and Security: Perspectives on Building Lifecycle RFSE-GRU: Data Balanced Classification Model for Mobile Encrypted Traffic in Big Data Environment
CSPNS23018 An LTE Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol Based on the ECC Self-Certified Public Key
CSPNS23019 Design of Secure and Lightweight Authentication Scheme for UAV-Enabled Intelligent Transportation Systems Using Blockchain and PUF
CSPNS23020 A Novel Front Door Security (FDS) Algorithm Using GoogleNet-BiLSTM Hybridization A Pairing-Free Certificateless Searchable Public Key Encryption Scheme for Industrial Internet of Things
CSPNS23021 A Robust Security Scheme Based on Enhanced Symmetric Algorithm for MQTT in the Internet of Things